Sports Disciplinary Tribunals

Becoming a sportsperson at the top of your game takes dedication, hard work, and often other sacrifices. We also appreciate that in all major sporting fields, there exists a scale of standard and commitment unique to every athlete within their particular discipline.

Whether you are an established professional in your chosen sport, a part time amateur, or someone who is still training and developing for the ‘big leagues’, competing against other individuals or teams can sometimes lead to passions spilling over and certain sportspeople becoming the subject of disciplinary proceedings by their respective sports authority.

For instance, you may be a footballer who plays for a team that is affiliated and subject to the rules of the Scottish Football Association, or a rugby player relative to the Scottish Rugby Union. These are just two organisations of many more that can raise disciplinary proceedings against sportspersons and their clubs for alleged conduct that has occurred during or out with a regulated fixture.

Normally this will result in the sportsperson or club official who are alleged to have broken the rules of the specific governing body to become subject to an internal disciplinary process, often resulting in an evidential hearing having to take place to determine the allegations. If a sportsperson or official is found to have acted contrary to the rules of the governing body at such a hearing, the sanctions can be considerable and wide-ranging, including the imposition of bans or financial penalties on the athlete or club.

Given our knowledge and experience of representing clients across a multitude of criminal and civil disciplines at a wide range of court and tribunal hearings for many years, via our sister law firm Joseph G Boyd & Co Court Lawyers, we stand ready to represent your interests if you become subject of a disciplinary complaint via the relevant governing body for your sport. Our advice and support could be invaluable to you and your club to ensure that this does not result in an outcome which could affect your future participation in the sport that you love.

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